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viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013

How to count, identify syllables and stress ( ´ )

Saturday 9th macrh 2013.

Class# 1 

How to count syllables 

How to count syllabes

van - one vowel - one syllable 

                 vanish - two vowels - two syllables

                 vanity - three vowels - three syllables 

Practice   exercise
                                     Professor    three vowels      three syllables 

                                     Shoes         two vowels        one syllable

                                     Board        two syllables      one syllable

                                    Watch         one vowel         one syllable

                                    Floor         two vowels       one syllable  

                                    Tile           two vowels        one syllable

                                    Apple         two vowels        two syllables 

Class# 2

How to identify stress
a) It´s important for a good pronunciation.

                             guitar  -  gui  -  tar   

                    hotel   -   ho  - tel                  

       afternoon  -  af   -  ter  -  noon 

        engineer    -  en   -  gi  -  neer 

Practice   exercise

                                                         carrot  -    ca           rrot                                                                                                                   

                                                                            potato  -  po           ta            to                                                                                                      

                                                                           telephone  -    te            le             pho         ne                                                                               

                                                                           vegetable -   ve           ge            ta           ble                                                                                 

Class of  syllables
the class of syllables are:

   dog    one syllable 

     water      wa      ter       two syllables 

Try syllable 
      umbrella         um      bre    lla       three syllables 

      rhinoceros      rhi    no   ce   ros      for or more syllables

Class# 3
How to identify stress Vowels that receive stress
There are twelte vowels phonemes

/ 3: /
                                      Three                            Nurse                        World
                                                     Urgent                          First
/ i: /
                                    Cheer                       Whisky                              Fill
                                    Beach                      Sheet                                  Eat
Tense (relaxed/ neutral)
                                                          Eat                        Beat
                                                           Heat                      Leave
/ I /
                                         Feel                         Bitch                            Shit
Tense (relaxed/neutral)
                                                                     It                         Bit
                                                                     Hit                     Live
/o: /
                                             Call                              All                         Bought
                                                         Thought                           Law
                                                           North                               Was
/ a: /
                                              Car                       Art                          Father
                                                           Arm                    Mather
/u: /
                                            Fool                           Food                          Luke
                                                            Goose                          Blue
                                                             Two                          Group
/ U /
                                           Full                           Book                                 Foot
                                            Look                        Good                                   Put
                                            Hot                           Office                               Cafee
                                                                Wash                          Lat
/ǽ /
                                         Hat                         Van                                  Carrot
                                         Bat                         Trap                                  Back
                                          Lap                         Ankle                                Bank
                                                             Cap                         Swam
                         Hut                              Brother                           Cap
                         Sun                             Love                            Mother
                         Strat                           Mad                             Blood
                         Cup                               But                             Uncle
/ e /
                         Elephant                       Egg                            Ex
                         Let                                 Head                         Many
                                           Bed                           Dress
                          Schwa                           At                                Ah
                          Of                               That                               A
                          The                             About                       Common
                          Butter                       Standard                    Acauser
                          Father                        Camera                       banana
Mariana Lascano 

2 comentarios:

  1. Unlike the Spanish, in which we can divide the words by syllables, in English, the words are separated by sounds. For example, the word board not thus divided it: bo-ard, because this word is composed by a sound only. For this reason it can not be divided.

  2. A very personal opinion I can say that in this tutorials there is very important to learn to pronounce and distinguish each one of these sound at the time of a Word; taking into account that we be an error to not pronounce properly or to make some gesture. Leaving this as the experience of seeing the importance of learning English.